Monday, June 9, 2008


Friday, 6 June

Work during the day... At lunch, I walked to a little park not far from my office and discovered a flea market all along Rue de Bretagne... They sold all sorts of random things - furniture, clothes, cheese and saussage, enormous clocks and tiny trinkets... There was really no rhyme or reason (or, if there was, it was beyond me.)

The most significant part of the day was the fact that I got off of work a half hour early so I could get over to the 12e arrondisement for my coiffure - hair cut/styling. I chose a salon recommended my the BU program because they spoke English, but they didn't speak English to me... but that was fine, the only part I didn't understand was when my hair stylist (I am very sorry to say I do not know his name) asked me when the last time was that I washed my hair. Other than that little difficulty we understood each other perfectly. I didn't have a set idea of what I wanted going in, just that I wanted to trim 3-4 inches because my hair was just getting way too long, and so I told my wonderful unnamed hair stylest "you are the professional, and I trust you..." and I am so glad that I did! he is a magician. Here is his chef-d'oeuvre:

My hair NEVER behaves like this. It is never straight in the summer. It was incredible. I want him to do my hair everyday!! haha. It is wonderful curly, too - so much lighter and fuller. I love it. I feel so vain because I want to stare at myself in the mirror so much, especially when it was just new.

Since each of the last few days has been so different and so significant for different reasons, I have decided to break them into individual posts. I will try to write said posts dès que possible (asap).

Alors, a très bientot!

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I need orange said...

Tres belle!

On a besoin d'un photo un peu plus ... legere? Et on veux voire ton dos.... :-)