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Fête nationale française

For you, mom, because you asked for it.

Lundi, 14 Juillet

Happy Bastille day! On July 14, 1789, the French stormed the Bastille, effectively spending a day in bloody battle to free.... six prisoners. But more importantly, the event sparked the beginning of the French Revolution. My last day in Paris was on this significant day, which was on the one hand exciting, as all of France turned its eyes to Paris as the site of this monumental event as well as the site of the heart of modern celebrations. However, the holiday also created several difficulties in accomplishing all I hoped to - with stores and metro stations closed, and roads blocked off.

Regardless of the importance of the date for modern history, there were a few things I wanted to do that could have happened on any date. After hearing a few friends talk about watching the sunrise over the city, I decided I wanted to see it for myself. But just as the sun didn't set until about 10:30 pm, it also rose far, far too early.…