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Monday, 9 June 2008

Other than Pierre Hermé's fabulous macarons, Isabelle's number one recommendation was the hot chocolate at Angelina. Angelina is probably Paris' most famous salon de thé (tea room - a small pastry shop very popular for a light tea-time meal) . I didn't take any pictures of the salon, but it was a beautiful room, decorated as though at the turn of the last century. Their chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) is absolutely their specialty, and I ordered some of this famous drink (called l'Africain, I don't really know why) as well as a croissant, and lingered over the beautiful breakfast to do my homework for class that evening:

The croissant was pas mal mais rien de spécial (not bad but nothing special)... But that hot chocolate...

oh my GOODNESS. It was every cliché for a good hot chocolate - smooth, creamy, silky, DELICIOUS... but it puts all these clichés to shame. It was amazing. Such a perfect chocolate, too - just a little bitter, but so sweet and chocolate and PERFECT. It was pretty much chocolate heaven in a cup.

The chocolate was about 7 Euro (!) but you get the little pitcher that you see in the first picture full of this fantastic drink, which is two mug-fulls.

Angelina's is absolutely another place you must go if you visit Paris - 226 rue de Rivoli, 75001

Afterwards I walked to the Ile de la Cité. It was a beautiful day - 80, without a cloud in the sky, and I wanted to climb to the top of the towers of Notre Dame, but the line was too long - I had an appointment for a workshop for my report for my internship - lame. Not the workshop - that was really pretty helpful - just the fact that I have to write a report. Very lame. Oh well. C'est la vie, n'est-ce pas?

Hopefully I will get back to Notre Dame again soon - I want to take the classic picture with the gargoyle looking over the city! Even more hopefully, it continues to be beautiful and SUNNY outside. So far so good, but it's supposed to be cooler again and rainy tomorrow...

After the workshop, a quick errand to turn in a form, and then class, and then finally home. Et voila.

A bientot,


I need orange said...

Looks very enticing. I did see where parisbreakfasts loves the hot chocolate at Angelina.... :-)

Anonymous said...

When you do make it back to Notre Dame, do me a favor and go to Ile Saint Loius (not sure I've got the spelling right), the next island south-east, I believe. Near the corner of the two major streets on that island is an ice cream shop called Bertillion. My memory is that they have the best ice cream on the planet. I'd like your opinion.
Uncle C