Monday, May 19, 2008

Presque Partie

This evening I am leaving for Paris. I have a late flight that gets into London tomorrow morning, then a short lay-over, and then just a quick jump across the channel to get to France.

I don't really have a lot to tell you about what is going on en ce moment. Right now, I'm only finishing packing, but hopefully in the next few days there will actually be something worth reading here. What I can tell you is a little about what I will be doing. I am participating in a program through Boston University called the Paris Summer Internship Program. If you would like to know more about the program, here is the website.
I will be taking one class, called "La France à Paris : Paris in literature." Here is a description taken from the syllabus:

This multidisciplinary course will cover a broad sampling of literary cameos. Using the city of Paris as the unique text, students will read its monuments and buildings and interpret works of fiction and non-fiction.Walking through the city (physically and textually), students will trace the history and culture of France in Paris. We shall begin with Walter Benjamin’s notion of “Paris, capital of the nineteenth history,” and move forward and backward in time to achieve a cross-dimensional sense of this peerless city.

The class will be held Mondays and Thursdays, at 5-7:30 PM. It is an evening class because I will also be completing an internship. I have an interview on Friday at Galerie Eric MIRCHER, an art gallery in the 3eme arrondisement, which is the art district. Here is their website.

Between the internship and the class, I expect I will be pretty busy for the next 8 weeks! I will try to keep this well-updated so you can see what is happening on a regular basis, but I am notoriously bad at keeping a journal so I won't make any promises.

Souhaite-moi un bon voyage!
A bientot!


I need orange said...

Bon Voyage! xox, m

Celine Marie said...

oh my gosh have fun in paris!! ps...let me know if you want to ever meet up with my cousin...she should be in paris til the end of june, for sure....and she´s pretty awesome, and she has been in paris for the yeah, hahahaha. have fun!! take lots of pics!!

ps good luck with your interview