Tuesday, May 20, 2008


After leaving this:

last night, and about 9-10 hours of flying (and considerably more travel time), I am HERE. I am living in the 11eme arrondisement with a nice couple who are about retirement age. Catherine runs a day-care from her apartment, and Jacques is un professeur de biologie. They have 4 grown children, who I am told come by frequently - we will see. There is also another girl from the program staying here; her name is Kendall and she goes to UNC. I got lucky - all my baggage made it. Hers did not - but hopefully it will be here soon.

Certainly not to say all of the travel was bad - the atlantic flight had individual tv's and - Kate, you'll appreciate this, I watched a 2 hour rendition of Persuasion. They also served a "3-course" dinner (course 1: 2 pieces of lettuce and a cherry tomato to be a "salad;" course 2: choice of lasagna or chicken; course 3: a 3 square inch piece of lemony-cheesecake) AND they served us breakfast, AND I got free socks out of the deal - so basically it was pretty sweet. However, as high-class as my travels may have been, I only got about 3.5 hours of sleep, so it really does feel like 10 pm (rather than my East Coast 4 pm). Donc, je vous dirai bon soir.

A bientot

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ps jen promised that you and her would visit me at the bio station. so you better or i will cry.