Thursday, April 4, 2013


Everywhere you look at markets and grocery stores and floating vegetable boats there are piles and piles of carciofi [artichokes]. Big and small, green and purple, whole and trimmed and just the hearts. I forgot to pack my Personal Artichoke Chef to prepare them all for me. A rookie mistake; I won't make it again.

Last night I ate my first artichokes of the trip. (Unfortunately, they weren't nearly as pretty as the ones in the market, so I don't have a picture.) We picked them up from La Baita, an excellent little cheese, meat, and dry goods shop in Bologna. The hearts were simply prepared with olive oil and vinegar, and yet they were so outstanding that they forced you to sit up and take notice. Bright, rich, acidic, supremely flavorful. Best artichokes I have ever eaten.


Miranda Lewis-Neff said...

There is a little pizza place in down town KC that I ate at last weekend. They have the closest (to what I experienced) Italian pizza in town. They also have an artichoke antipasti that was artichokes, olives, crasins, olive oil, and garlic. While I am not a fan of artichokes, the other people at dinner all seemed to really like it.

You should come visit some time, we will go there, you can compare.

Val Neff-Rasmussen said...

Sounds like a deal!

A2since68 said...

What I love about artichokes is the slightly sweet after taste that lingers on your pallet, especially if you take a sip of water. Sounds like a tasty treat.