Wednesday, July 16, 2008

rue des rosiers

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

At work on Tuesday, we were preparing for the mailing of the invitations to the next vernissage (opening) which is September 6, for the german painter Martin Kasper. It would seem that July would be a little early for this invitation, but the gallery closes at the end of the current exhibition, July 26, and remains closed until about September 2. There would be no reason to stick around - the entire city packs up and leaves for vacation for the month of August so there is no one around. Not a bad way to live, really, with a month off every August.....

For lunch, I returned to my favorite street and this time I took pictures...

I ran into a friend, along the way :

I'm not sure why he was hanging out in this glasses store, but it made me smile.

So, here we are :

This sign is at the beginning of the road just next to rue du vieille du temple.

This next shot was taken from the other end of the road :

It is a narrow road, with cobble stones, and it winds just a little bit while staying mostly straight. There are flowers all around, and it is just beautiful.... but a little hard to capture on film. This is absolutely the heart of the Marais... :

The Marais is the oldest neighborhood in Paris. When Haussmann redesigned the city in the 1860s, he did not change the Marais, so the streets are still narrow and not perfectly straight. It is also the heart of the Jewish community in Paris, so there are a ton of temples all around, and, as seen above, Kosher stores.

Rue des rosiers is also home to pretty much the best falafel ever...

There are about 4 or 5 falafel places all within about 10 meters of each other along the road. Just across the street from this one is another, and the next two buildings to the right are falafel places too. This one always has a long line at lunch time, so with no other factor to really base my decision on, I went for my first falafel here... And it was amazing, so I got my next one here too :

They are big, and delicious, and only 5 Euro. Go! Eat some!

Walking back to work, I stopped in au Levain du Marais, a wonderful little bakery just down the street from the galerie, and I got a tarte au citron (lemon tart) :

Delicious, as expected.

After work, since it was tuesday, we had family dinner again. Catherine made ratatouille again!

It doesn't look that exciting, and really it's not - just vegetables cooked together for a very long time, but it is wonderful. We also had papillotes - chicken and taragon cooked in packets of parchment paper with crème fraiche. For dessert, a clafoutis à la rhubarbe. Suffice to say, I now love clafoutis. It is a very eggy dessert, a little like a custard I supposed but very light and with pieces of fruit mixed in. Hopefully I will master it soon myself.

A bientôt

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